Representations, approximations, and limitations within a computational framework for cognitive science: Commentary on article by Tecumseh Fitch

When do memory limitations lead to regularization? An experimental and computational investigation

Uses a combination of modelling and experiments to show that memory limitations at encoding cannot lead to regularisation.

Bayesian models of cognition: What's built in after all?

Uses the Bayesian modelling framework to discuss issues of innateness a la Fodor.

Levels of explanation and the workings of science

Epistemic trust: Modeling children's reasoning about others' knowledge and intent

The learnability of abstract syntactic principles

Uses a Bayesian model of grammar induction to show that a rational learner could infer that language has hierarchical phrase structures based on typical child input.

A tutorial introduction to Bayesian models of cognitive development

Gives an intuitive intro to Bayesian models as they can be used to apply to developmental questions.

Enlightenment grows from fundamentals: Comment on Jones and Love

How recursive is language? A Bayesian exploration

Probabilistic models of cognition: Exploring representations and inductive biases